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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 469 command heavy
“Obviously!” Grandmother perked up promptly . “I observed an individual! Girl, you might be dubious, however i spotted a dragon traveling by air during the heavens whenever i proved helpful on the job areas like a young lady!
Hao Ren searched from Grandma’s wrinkled facial area toward Su Han, not having the further meaning behind her ideas .
Remembering Hao Ren’s appearance as he ongoing to overpower Dark colored Wolf regardless of the injuries across his entire body, she suddenly noticed like it becomes privileged being secured by Hao Ren .
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Nonetheless, nobody possessed witnessed demons, with the exception of in tales .
“Modify the video game! Customize the game!” Zhen Congming yelled .
Gazing at the tv screen attentively, Zhen Congming curled his lips and damaged his mind whilst his hands and fingers transferred quickly for the lot .
Anyway, she didn’t target when Hao Zhonghua insisted on establis.h.i.+ng a clinical endeavor to discover dragons, thinking that they can discover some near-extinct pests and even species that they had never found prior to .
At Granny, she wanted to see Hao Ren’s friends and family that he or she did the trick so hard to secure .
At this point, Su Han transformed the niche and asked, “Grandma, do you really believe that that you have dragons in the world?”
At any rate, she didn’t item when Hao Zhonghua insisted on establis.h.i.+ng a research undertaking to locate dragons, thinking that they can get some near-wiped out creatures or simply types that they had never discovered before .
At this point, Su Han improved the subject and questioned, “Grandma, can you feel that we now have dragons worldwide?”
Pursuing her closely, Hao Ren recognized he couldn’t prevent her from visiting his property .
Taking a look at Su Han’s gorgeous shape, he suddenly pointed out that Su Han dressed up to travel to his your home right now!
“Oh, you’re a teacher at Ren’s school? Then, you have to be here for a home take a look at, correct?” Grandmother was promptly mindful . “Ms . Su, occur where you can seat! Zhonghua, hurry up and then make herbal tea for that coach!”
Even though the crimson electricity sphere broke, Su Han withdrew her sword, as well as a couple of them withstood around the beach front .
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“Ugh…” Hao Ren was normal water, and the man almost choked at Grandma’s concern .
Blood flow ginsengs were actually uncommon religious herbal remedies, and seasoned cultivators was aware that they were great at replenis.h.i.+ng essences . This sort of blood vessels ginseng only became in Yuhuang Mountain peak under serious secure .
Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, who had previously been carrying out their every quarter review, instantly walked down from your 2nd floors .
Listening to Su Han’s response, Hao Ren almost spat away normal water all over again .
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Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, who had been accomplishing their quarterly article, immediately walked down from your following ground .
Well… Hao Ren choked . Investigating Su Hans stunning number, he suddenly seen that Su Han decked out to go to his house nowadays! The longsword taken in to the sea and divided surf . While reddish colored energy sphere shattered, Su Han withdrew her sword, plus the two of them stood about the beachfront . Her motions ended up so steady it checked like she experienced just arrived at the seashore after exploring in the waves . Have you been really intending to my house? Hao Ren investigated her hesitantly . Su Han smiled at him for a result and walked directly toward your house . In past times when Hao Ren was only her a.s.sisting inspector, Su Han obtained no fascination with his household subject . Nevertheless, since Hao Ren was a levels 3 inspector and her associate at East Seas Metropolis, she noticed it had been vital to know his complete track record . Adhering to her strongly, Hao Ren knew he couldnt cease her from checking out his property . Little Xue, you cant bully Congming, Grandmas voice sounded when Hao Ren traveled to the door and had out the essential . Simply click! Hao Ren exposed the entrance and observed Zhen Congming and Wu Luoxue each having a control at hand on the chair, playing games ahead of the TV display screen . Gazing on the display screen attentively, Zhen Congming curled his lips and scratched his head although his hands and fingers moved quickly around the . However, Wu Luoxue looked as casual as just before while her palms pressed the relaxed . Ahhh… Discouraged, Zhen Congming threw across the control it was subsequently obvious he shed once again . Wu Luoxue discovered a cup of green tea herb by her area and sipped, seeking calmly at Zhen Congming . A lot more? Affect the activity! Replace the sport! Zhen Congming yelled . Taking a look at them, Hao Ren suddenly appreciated they were also on the summer months break up . Ren, will you be lower back? Hearing the entrance started, Grandmother identified as out . When seeing Su Han behind Hao Ren, she checked happily surprised . Well, Han is here now at the same time? Embarra.s.sed, Hao Ren wished Grandmother didnt deal with Su Han so intimately . Grandma, how have you been? Su Han went along with an umbrella in a fingers and a fruit basket on the other . I stumbled on return the umbrella to you personally . Thanks significantly . Hao Ren considered Su Han in astonishment, wanting to know when she bought those things from . It was just an umbrella! Nicely, you even bought me fresh fruits! Granny withstood up in the settee and had Su Hans hands in hers warmly . In the foreseeable future, just arrive and stop by me and dont obtain nearly anything! Its almost nothing . Su Han smiled gently . Hao Ren looked over Su Han in surprise he suddenly observed like she wasnt bad at socializing . Zhonghua! Yue Yang! Cease your projects! There exists a visitor! Granny called out in a loud voice . Her tone of voice was resonant that she didnt appear to be an older young lady more than 70 . Yue Yang and Hao Zhonghua, who had been undertaking their quarterly record, right away went down out of the next surface . Hao Ren was a lot more worried in the upheaval they caused… Oh, its Ms . Su, Discovering Su Han, Hao Zhonghua welcomed her pleasantly, remembering that she had been a educator from Eastern side Water University .   Su Han nodded a little . Han is a college or university coach? Grandma asked . Mom, shes a teacher at East Sea College or university, Hao Zhonghua spelled out patiently . Grandma hadnt fork out very much focus to Su Han when they initial satisfied, but she felt this way gal was pleasant afterward . Oh, youre an educator at Rens college? Then, you have to be for a property take a look at, right? Grandmother was without delay careful . Ms . Su, come and have a seat! Zhonghua, hurry up making tea for that instructor! Due to her regard for instructors, Grandma termed Su Han Ms . Su, and her concept transformed really serious . That you are so form to create current when you are shelling out us a residence take a look at . Our Ren hasnt acquired professors heading to our property due to the fact he is at middle university . Ms . Su, you need to get a chair! Grandma urged . Quickly, Su Han obtained anxious, and Grandma broke her composure . She mentioned hurriedly, No, Im simply a institution lecturer, and Internet marketing not for a home take a look at . Not really home visit… Granny relaxed . I assumed our Ren triggered difficulty in school once again . Status by Su Han, Hao Rens deal with made red outside of embarra.s.sment . Even though he got indeed triggered trouble in their basic university and center education time, which was a long time ago! Ms . Su, be sure to have some green tea . Hao Zhonghua went over with a cupful of green tea and located it just before Su Han . Many thanks . Su Han required the glass . But you can easily call up me Han . Zhonghua! Grandma scolded, Han is near to us dont cause it to so official! Embarra.s.sed, Hao Zhonghua withstood to 1 area, considering, It had been you who acted so serious and official basically a occasion in the past . He didnt realize that Grandma had assembled Su Han into her camping with her phrases . No wonder! Grandmother checked out Su Han happily and sat with her around the sofa . I see that you are not a whole lot older than Ren . You may managed to graduate, proper? Yeah . I simply managed to graduate and remained during the classes to become a educator, Su Han mentioned . Then, you must have been a fantastic college student . Granny found Su Hans little fingers genially . Do you have a partner? Ugh… Hao Ren were h2o, and he almost choked at Grandmas question . Not . Listening to Su Hans response, Hao Ren almost spat out the normal water yet again . Exceptionally well . Grandmother will be cautious about you and create a good little mankind for you personally! Grandma viewed Su Han and stated that has a teeth . Hao Ren imagined, Granny, you remain residence all day long . The place can you find a young gentleman for Su Han? With this idea, his cardiovascular lurched he felt like he understood something… I heard that Mr . Hao is working away at a project to find dragons, proper? Su Han suddenly turned her top of your head to think about Hao Zhonghua . Ideal . Hao Zhonghua sat in the sofa in the section and nodded . Considering that Su Han was their guest, he must continue to keep her corporation, not to mention that they had satisfied one another ahead of . Yue Yang sat beside Hao Zhonghua and followed Su Han . Which has a womans intuition, she observed like Su Han had some other reasons for going to their home . On the other hand, she was extremely attractive, donning a pearl necklace as well as a sapphire 1-part dress… Yue Yang was attracted by her sophistication instinctively . Would you have any progress not too long ago? Su Han ongoing to question . Hehe, no development nevertheless . Nonetheless, in the event the endeavor is a winner, very well generate a breakthrough designed to shake the whole world, Hao Zhonghua claimed .  Sitting on the opposite side of Granny, Hao Ren heard their dialogue attentively . He suddenly thought about Su Hans ident.i.ty as a possible inspector and among the Dragon G.o.d Shrines objectives the place it turned out to destroy the heart stone… Is my dad among the list of vital targets of surveillance with the Dragon G.o.d Shrine because of his big-scale scientific job? Currently, Su Han improved the topic and asked, Grandma, do you really believe that there is dragons on earth? Certainly! Granny perked up quickly . I noticed 1! Young lady, you will be improbable, nevertheless i observed a dragon piloting in the sky while i worked during the job areas to be a little young lady! It was actually a summertime morning with wonderful wind, and thunder chipped continually . Some girls and so i were actually employed in the segments and noticed a surprise was approaching . When we hurried to look for shelter, I discovered an enormous, large dragon traveling from the eastern on the to the west . Even so, only I spotted it, and also the many others were very busy searching for protection and didnt view it . Once I told them, they didnt trust me in any respect . Grandmother referred to the arena vividly . Hao Zhonghua had heard it a couple of times well before and hadnt assumed it until he spotted a bright white dragon himself . Since then, he got never debunked Grandmas storyline . Even so, Yue Yang shook her head helplessly when she read Grandmother practicing this same old story . She didnt think that such mythical animals existed because no person acquired such photographs or grabbed these animals . The shots that circulated online were all became counterfeit . In any case, she didnt object when Hao Zhonghua was adamant on establis.h.i.+ng a research project to discover dragons, convinced that they can discover some near-extinct beings or maybe types they had never identified prior to . Then… Grandmother, should you are convinced that there is dragon kings? Su Han ongoing to ask . She investigated Grandmas teacup, and her pupil contracted somewhat when she found a small section of blood stream ginseng during the green tea . Blood stream ginsengs were actually scarce faith based natural herbs, and experienced cultivators understood they were efficient at replenis.h.i.+ng essences . Such a bloodstream ginseng only became in Yuhuang Mountain under substantial secure . Grandma discovered the white-colored teacup and sipped to moisturize her neck . I really believe you will find dragon kings! The nice local weather in your East Seas Town is caused by the boon with the Eastern side Beach Dragon Ruler! Yue Yang sighed a bit but didnt attempt to transformation Grandmas ancient concepts . She experienced some annoying misunderstandings with Grandmother before, and Granny got some trouble with her because of it even now . Granny, because you rely on dragons, do you think in demons at the same time? Su Han required that has a smile, hunting considering this theme . Demons? Grandmother froze for a secondly considering that she experienced never imagined about this . She found a dragon in her younger years, but she obtained never viewed a demon . When she was small, Grandma got required the previous individuals the village, and they all asserted that there had been indeed dragons, and a lot of them even insisted they had witnessed dragons by themselves . On the other hand, no person obtained seen demons, except in accounts . If you will find dragon kings, I do believe there must be demon kings too, appropriate? Su Han looked at Grandmother and questioned gently . Hao Ren appeared from Grandmas wrinkled face toward Su Han, not comprehending the more intense interpretation behind her words and phrases . Su Han also changed her vision to Hao Ren and fulfilled his gaze . Su Han recalled Hao Rens vicious seem as he conquer Black Wolf . By looking at Grandma, she desired to look into Hao Rens family that he worked so desperately to defend . Remembering Hao Rens look when he persisted to overcome Dark colored Wolf inspite of the cuts throughout his body, she suddenly felt like it might be lucky to be secured by Hao Ren . Demon kings… I dont know . Its achievable, Granny claimed after the time of attention .
“Is my father among the essential is targeted on of security on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine as a result of his big-scope research task?”
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Su Han recalled Hao Ren’s vicious appear when he do better than Black Wolf .
“Zhonghua!” Grandmother scolded, “Han is near us don’t make it so elegant!”
“You will be so sort to get present if you are paying out us your house go to . Our Ren hasn’t got professors heading to our residence since he is in midst classes . Ms . Su, make sure you require a chair!” Grandmother urged .
Wu Luoxue discovered a cupful of green tea herb by her facet and sipped, appearing calmly at Zhen Congming . “Even more?”
Having said that, Yue Yang shook her travel helplessly when she been told Granny practicing this same old tale . She didn’t are convinced that this sort of mythical critters existed given that not one person obtained these types of photographs or stuck these critters . The photographs that circulated via the internet have been all turned out to be counterfeit .
By using a woman’s instinct, she believed like Su Han possessed some other reasons for traveling to their residence .
“Will you be really intending to my residence?” Hao Ren considered her hesitantly .

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