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Cultivation Online

NovelCultivation OnlineCultivation Online
Chapter 206 Yuan’s Three Music Notes taste delirious
“I don’t possess any particular training programs, and I only practice by participating in the zither normally— several hours each week. Nevertheless, I have got evolved stuff up very recently by practising with my mate, who may have added a lot to my changes.” Fei Yuyan revealed.
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“His audio note was so powerful that it’d built an optical illusion for anyone who is that noticed it! This level of zither artwork is definitely legendary! And as far as my expertise goes, simply the Zither G.o.ddess has was able to produce this phenomenon just before, and he’d maintained to make this happen similar happening using only a regular zither!” Older Zou unconsciously stood high on the software and stared at Yuan with a gawking appearance on his confront.
“It is Fairy Fei’s associate? I really hope his zither arts won’t be a stress.”
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Cultivation Online
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
“Thank you so much, Elderly Song!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.
“Appreciate it, Mature Piece of music!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.
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“What the heck? Why’s he using a mask?”
“It is Fairy Fei’s spouse? I really hope his zither arts won’t turned into a burden.”
“Oh! I became there far too! He was the individual that was questioned by Older Fairy Song with a zither struggle, even defeating her just one-on-a single!”
“W-Just what heck? Am I observing things? Why do I suddenly see roses?”
Following a minute of silence, Tune Ling’er spoke, “You… Where do you learn how to play the zither?”
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The individuals there already started out shopping down on Yuan prior to his performance even started.
“Perfectly, she definitely is deserving of it!”
“What the heck? Why’s he putting on a mask?”
Cultivation Online
“Oh! I found myself there far too! He was the one who was pushed by Older person Fairy Track to your zither battle, even defeating her one-on-an individual!”
The people there already started out appearing upon Yuan prior to his overall performance even started.
“Appreciate it, Mature Track!” Fei Yuyan bowed to her.
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*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
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“This is Fairy Fei’s mate? I really hope his zither disciplines won’t turned into a stress.”
Cultivation Online
Older person Zou suddenly cleared his throat loudly, causing a small ripple to sweep the location, rapidly silencing the noises.
“That is Fairy Fei’s partner? I am hoping his zither artistry won’t develop into a problem.”
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“This really is Fairy Fei’s partner? I am hoping his zither arts won’t turned into a stress.”
“Just what the heck? Why’s he dressed in a face mask?”
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“What an oddball. He’s the only human being sporting a cover up there.”
“Whoa! She actually gotten 9 tips from Senior citizen Fairy Tune! Performs this really mean Senior citizen Fairy Music identifies Fairy Fei’s abilities to get similar to her own disciples?”
“What kind of nonsense is? Senior Fairy Track is the biggest zither pro during the Lower Heavens! Just as if somebody in this area could beat her in a a single-on-an individual zither struggle!”
“T-This is…”
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If the target audience heard this audio take note, their eyes immediately increased with surprise, as they could somehow understand the picture of an exceptionally attractive flower field ahead of them.

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